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Who’s Inside?

Author: Tareq Mhalwas / Illustrator: Orit Bergman

A cute story that invites children to guess what is hidden inside three eggs that a rat finds, with hints that come to light as parts of the creatures inside slowly crack through the eggs. The story reinforces learning skills such as asking questions, collecting information and guessing. This book was produced at the initiative of Maktabat al-Fanoos.

Family Activities

The mouse searches for an egg to block the entrance to his burrow, and finds three eggs. The eggshells are subsequently broken, and each time the book engages the child in guessing what is hiding inside the egg.


This story reinforces several of the child’s thinking skills: the skill of questioning, guessing, and reasoning based on gathered information or on previous knowledge about animals and birds. These are essential and important capabilities in the process of children’s development and learning.


Family Activities

  • Before we start our first reading, we should look at the cover: Who could be hiding in the egg? Based on the drawings, where does the story take place?
  • We can stop at each page in which the mouse wonders about the hidden object in the egg and encourage the children to guess what’s inside based on the body parts that they see in the drawings.
  • Crocodile, turtle, chameleon, canary…Do children want to know more about them and other creatures of the same family? This is an opportunity for an educational project on different types of reptiles and birds.
  • - Together, we can look at the last drawing in the book. How does the dinosaur feel, and why? How can the mouse and his two friends help him? Do we sometimes feel like him, when?
  • This story reminds us of the story “Where is my mother?” which we previously distributed to children in kindergarten. It’s interesting to read it together, and pay attention to the syntax of the questions in both titles. What other words can we use to ask a question?
  • We can play a game called "What is this?" We put objects of different textures and sizes in a closed box, which has only one opening in which every child can put their hand, and feel each item separately. We can then ask them to describe what they are touching (rough, round, cold ...) until they guess what’s inside the box. We can also think of an item that we then describe to the children, mentioning its physical and functional qualities, and they have to guess what it is.
  • Which kinds of food can we make using eggs? Children and parents will enjoy preparing a shared breakfast at kindergarten!
  • There are many artistic activities that can be done with eggs, such as: dyeing eggs with natural materials, drawing on eggs with a brush, or making a crackling tool from a plastic egg that can be opened and filled with different grains.

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