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Kisses for Daddy

Text: Frances Watts / Illustrations: David Legge/ Publisher: Dar al-huda - Kareem

When a grumbly Baby Bear refuses to give his father a goodnight kiss, their bedtime routine is transformed into a delightful game, as Daddy imagines all the different sorts of kisses that other animal babies give their dads.

Family Activities

It is Baby Bear’s bed time, but he does not want to take a shower and go to sleep...


Dear Parents,
It is Baby Bear’s bed time, but he does not want to take a shower and go to sleep; he is too busy playing with his toys and it’s hard for him to stop. We see him walking slowly and sadly towards his Mom to kiss her, but refuses to kiss Dad as a way to resist going to sleep.
Dad turns Baby Bear’s objection into a warm and nice encounter between them both. He offers him various types of kisses that different animals usually do. At the same time, Dad accompanies his son through the bed time process of taking a shower, putting on pajamas, having the good night kiss and a hug.
Does this scene look familiar? Reading this book to your child may make you smile, remembering the various ways you help your children separate from their toys and go to sleep.
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We share with you some ideas regarding the book…

Family Activities

  • Every time Dad kisses his son, we see an indication of the animal whose kiss he imitates. The illustration may be of a picture on the wall or the animal may show in Dad’s clothes. We can follow these symbols of the various animals and encourage our child to find them in the book’s illustrations.
  • Undoubtedly the child will laugh a lot if we kiss him as the father does in the book while reading it.
  • How does the kitten give a kiss to his parents? What do you think of the bee’s kiss? The child might enjoy experiencing different types of animals’ kisses.
  • The mouse’s kiss has a mustache and the monkey’s kiss is jumpy and curved! The text is full of positive descriptions for kisses that can enrich the child’s fantasy, his language and his senses. It would be fun to think together of new types of kisses for different animals.
  • Baby Bear refuses to go to sleep and separate from his toys, as do many children, who may have an easier time going through this process with us. It is important to talk to children about the importance of getting enough sleep.
  • We can discuss our child’s ritual for going to bed. What does he/she like – and what not? We can share with our child what helps us to fall asleep such as having a hot drink, or reading a book…
  • We may want to make the kissing box for the family. Each person can kiss the box using a dark lipstick color, and let the child use the for his/her valuable things.

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