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Where Did the Sun Go?

Text: Ghada Esawi | Illustrations: Rana Hatamleh

A book that stimulates the imagination as the girl hero wonders where the sun goes every night: Is it playing with a friend? Or watching a dance of the moon and star, or making a cake with mother? Maybe it tired from the noise of the earth and has escaped to a quiet place? The book ends with this open question and invites the child to draw on the last page his/her own answer.

Family Activities

"Where does the sun go?" "Why is the sky blue?" "Does space go on forever?" "Who ate the moon’s ear?" These are interesting questions that our children create with their wild imaginations, their insatiable curiosity, and their desire to discover and learn about the world around them. These are ...


Dear Parents,

Our child’s imagination runs wild, and they ask many questions because they are curious and love to learn. It is important to encourage them to think about explanations for the natural phenomena s/he observes, and to listen and respect their answers, as these responses are important for developing creative thinking. At the same time, we should also offer them simple and correct explanations about these topics.

“Where does the sun go?” is a question that leads to many others in the child’s mind and takes them to an enchanting world of imagination, creativity, and knowledge.


Family Activities

  • "Where did the sun go?" We can think of humorous answers to write or draw on the last page of the book.
  • The sun visits her friend to play with her. Who are our friends? Which games do we like to play with them?
  • The sun makes a cake with her mother. What do we like to do with our parents or siblings?
  • It’s fun to play some games from our childhood with our kids, like hide and seek.
  • We can create a “Question Box” with our child, where we add different questions about several phenomena that baffle other family members. We can write these questions on small pieces of paper and put them in the box. Then, each of us can pull a piece of paper, read the question written on it, while the others try to think of imaginative and creative answers!
  • Enjoy your reading!

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