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The Bunnies are not in their beds

Text and Illustrations: Marisabina Russo | Translation to Arabic: Eyad Barghouthy

The bunnies are in bed. Or are they? Mama and Daddy repeatedly check on the little bunnies to find them playing with various toys. A humorous story on the subject of differences between parents and children over bedtime – and other aspects of family life.

Family Activities

Does the scene we see in the little bunnies’ house seem familiar to you? There are some children who fall asleep quickly, while others find it difficult to disconnect from their daily activities and continue to play despite the restrictions that parents try to put in place, until, eventually, the ...


Dear Parents,

This humorous story uses elements of exaggeration in showing the contrast between two events that take place at the same time: the evening relaxation rituals that the parents perform quietly in the basement, which are expressed by the small, serene drawings, and the party the little bunnies participate in upstairs. Amusingly, the story draws our attention to our daily experiences as parents, like our needs and the needs of our children. It also presents to us the importance of supporting our children in gradually acquiring healthy habits, such as sleeping, which allows them to develop in a healthy manner.

Family Activities

  • The repetitive sentences in the text allows the child to take a greater part in telling the story. We can stop reading and let the child enjoy repeating these sentences: “What is this noise? It seems that the little bunnies have gone out of bed” or “at night we do not ride the rails nor play with the train…”
  • Why do bunnies play at bedtime? Maybe they find it difficult to fall asleep, or to leave their toys It
  • We can chat with our child about sleeping rituals that he loves (for example: reading a bedtime story or playing together with a toy they love). We may wish to share with them what we like to do in the evening to relax after a long day. This conversation helps reinforce the child’s sympathy and understanding of the parents’ need to rest and to finish their own affairs after the children sleep.
  • “good night, sweet dreams,” the parents tell their little bunnies. What pre-sleep greetings do we use in our family? Which do we use in the morning? It is fun to create special greetings with our child that we can exchange with the rest of the family.
  • We can use the drawings to keep track of the games that the bunnies play. Which games does our child like? And which ones do they want to play with us? Let's play together!
  • Enjoy your reading!

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