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The Amazing Tree

Author: Nick Blundell //Illustrations: Steven King //Publisher: Mezrahi

Amazing trees grow from grandpa’s big and creative ideas, and from his neat and clever planning with his granddaughter. When their abilities come

Family Activities

  Dear parents, This book celebrates the richness of what grandparents bring to the lives of their grandchildren; it presents a beautiful reciprocal relationship between a child and her grandfather, with whom she spends the most enjoyable times in contemplation, exploration, thinking, ...



Let's Talk

  • About the child's feelings: We can read the story with our children several times. We then follow the illustrations and discuss them as an expressive panel and talk about the feelings of both the child and the grandfather during their joint activities.
  • About the relationship with the grandfather: We can talk to our child about the things he loves about his grandfather and grandmother, and the things that sometimes bother him.
  • About Family relationships: The book presents the child's experience of spending enjoyable time with her grandfather. We can talk to our children about the shared activities that our children love to do with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and extended family.

Let's Create

  • Let's prepare an album of the most beautiful moments with family members and relatives.
  • Let's plan and create a house for our favourite pet with the help of grandparents.


Let's Communicate

  • Let's visit our grandparents and initiate a fun activity together, such as gardening, going for a nature walk, playing chess, and more.


Enjoy your reading!

Family Activities

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