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Small Presents

text: Shahraban Mo'adi | illustrations: Fatnen Jarous-Jeries

The roses in the garden, the cotton candies, and the colorful butterflies are only some of the little gifts that surprise Rafif in the morning. This is a story about the free gifts that life and nature give us.

Family Activities

Dear Parents, This is a precious value in our age, when materiality controls our relationships with each other and with nature, emptying it of its warmth, spontaneity, and beauty. It is a value worth imparting to our children, so that they find joy and hope in small details in their lives.


Who among us doesn’t like to receive gifts, especially if they are wrapped with love by the person who gives them? However, Rafif reminds us that, in our daily life, gifts can be abundant, and they can be free too!

How so? We just have to look around us at the beauty that nature gives us, at what life privileges us with, at small details in our day that bring us joy, and at successes that we achieve or are achieved by those we love.


Suggestions for Family Activities

Family Activities

  • We stop at the first page and explain to our child that the gifts Rafif received are different from the gifts that s/he knows. How is it different? We count the gifts together after reading the story.
  • What things make us happy at home, in kindergarten, in the neighborhood, and in nature? Our child may want to draw one of them.
  • We look at the painting on pages 10 and 11 together: What does Rafif’s breakfast consist of? What is our breakfast like?
  • Rafif was happy with her gifts. How does her joy appear in every drawing? What do we do when we are happy?
  • We can think of a free gift that we would like to give to someone we love. It could be a drawing we created, or a flower we picked from our garden.
  • The book’s drawings are styled as a collection/collage. We can cut different colored paper with our child, and, by using our imagination, we can make a drawing from scraps of paper pasted onto a cardboard.
  • Enjoy your reading!

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