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Saad and His New Cap

Written and Illustrated by Olof and Lena Landstrom

In this charming story originally published in Swedish, Saad’s mother asks him to buy a newspaper from a nearby bookstore. Wearing his new cap, Saad is confident that he is safe from the rain until his cap gets drenched and covers his eyes. He stumbles and hurts himself. Mom takes care of him and tries to fix the cap by ironing it with the newspaper on it. The result makes Saad happier and proud with his new cap that has now the sports page printed on it! The story sheds light on a mutual child-parent supportive relation: Saad and his mother take turns in feeling emotional distress, but each one supports the other. In a way, the story also supports parents by showing that they don’t always  hold the “magic wand” and sometimes make humorous mistakes in the efforts of caring for their children.

Family Activities

Family Activities

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