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Noisy Neighbors

By: Ruth Green / Publisher: Tate Publishing, UK

Distribution: October 2018

Sid is a tired snail, searching for some peace and quiet. Wherever he goes he bumps into his neighbors—chirping sparrows, singing foxes, hooting owls, quacking ducks, and buzzing bees-each noisier than the last! In the end he decides to invite all his neighbors to a party, where they make lots of noise and have so much fun they get tired and fall asleep. At last the snail can get some peace! This amusing story is illustrated with the colorful screen prints that have made Ruth Green – originally a textile designer- one of the leading illustrators of her generation.

Family Activities

Sid the snail needs some rest, but wherever he goes, he always encounters noisy neighbors, so what does he do? He thinks of an innovative way to stop the noise of the neighbors without getting into a fight with his neighbors or ruining his relationship with them. Sid calls his neighbors and invites ...


Dear Parents,

Ask about your neighbors, then buy the house!

This sweet story provides a starting point that lets us talk with our child about our neighbors and our relationships with them. What distinguishes a preferred neighbor from a less favorable one? How can we build good neighborly relations?

Family Activities

  • With our child, we can take another look at the snail’s journey to search for some calm and quiet. Which noisy neighbors did he happen to meet on his way? In what ways does each of them make noise?
  • We can chat with our child about Sid’s solution to his neighbors’ noisiness. Is it a permanent solution? And can the snail hold this party for his neighbors every night? What other solutions can we suggest to him?
  • We can think about our neighbors: why are they important to us? Who is our favorite neighbor, who is the least favorite, and why?
  • With our child, we can look back at situations that our neighbors helped us with. We can chat with our child about simple daily behaviors that help build good relationships with our neighbors, such as helping an elderly neighbor carry heavy items, or maybe sharing delicious food we made with them, keeping quiet during the neighbors’ leisure hours...
  • “A book-reading party with our neighbors!” Our child might enjoy inviting the neighborhood kids to a party like this, to which each child brings his favorite book so they could read it together. How about reading this book to your neighbors?
  • We may want to go out with our child to nature and search for snails and their shells and explore their species and ways of living.
  • Have an enjoyable reading!

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