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Morning Songs

text: Nabeeha Jabareen | illustrations: Charlotte Shama

A collection of simple and elegant poems that follow a child from the moment he wakes up until he goes to school. The short poems, built around repetitive sentences, similar to traditional children’s rhymes, introduce the young child to literary poetry in a beautiful holistic way that sees the child as part of nature: First, different natural elements wake up ( the sun, the fields..) then the child’s close environment (the cat and the dog) and then the child.

Family Activities

This book invites children to see themselves as a harmonious part of the universe that awakens every morning by reflecting about nature around them and noticing smells, sounds, and the changing scenes. Thus, their connection to nature deepens


Dear parents,

Slowly, the universe awakens in the morning. The light and warmth of the sun appear first. It awakes the rooster, the birds, the butterflies, and the pets around the house. They all get ready to walk toward the children to invite them to welcome a new day. Creatures of nature harmonize and happily sing the morning song, each in its language.


Below we share some ideas for reading the book with your child.

Family Activities

  • Together, we reflect about the book's cover and talk about featured of the illustrations that represent aspects of morning or singing.
  • The book's pages are arranged in a manner that allows guessing the answer before reading the question. We read the book with the child for the first time and encourage the child to answer every question. Then, together with the child, we read the answer according to the story. After reading the story several times, we can play the Dialogue Game: the child asks a question from the text, and we answer, and vice versa.
  • "The rooster crows in the morning. What did the rooster say?" We use our morning observations to formulate sentences with the child to be added to the book while using the same linguistic structure.
  • Nature influences our mood in the morning. Some people feel energetic and happy on a sunny, colorful spring morning, or lazy on a cold rainy morning. We talk about our feelings in mornings of different seasons.
  • Every family has its morning rituals on regular days and holidays. We talk about how each member in our family follows these rituals. How do we like to wake up in the morning?
  • Many birds and insects hide in the book's illustrations. We can follow them with the child and learn their names.
  • A glass of warm milk, or a hot drink, and the book Morning Song is all we need to spend a calm and enjoyable morning with our children!
  • A team developed these suggestions in "Maktabat al-Fanoos" by the Ministry of Education, "Bidayat"- Centers for Early Childhood Development in the Arab Society, and Grinspoon Foundation Israel.

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