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Little Hedgehog

text: Zemanel | illustrations: Vanessa Gautier | translation: Eyad Barghuthy

The little hedgehog is happy when he finds a red apple and starts eating it, but his friends want to taste it too, so what does he do? This is a story about sharing and about what it means to make friendships as opposed to losing objects.


Family Activities

The hedgehog finds a delicious red apple, and he is confused: should he eat it alone and satisfy his appetite, or should he share it with his friends and risk remaining hungry?


Dear Parents,

Sometimes, the child finds himself in a similar situation: should s/he eat sweets or play with his/her toys alone, or should s/he share this with his/her friends? There is no doubt that sharing is a developmental skill related to the child’s age and the degree of his/her emotional and social maturity, but the child also learns social behaviors, such as sharing and helping, by imitating us as adults.

Family Activities

  • The hedgehog walks, the rabbit hops, the squirrel jumps. We can take turns with our child to imitate and guess each animal’s way of walking in the story.
  • Move – movement, hop – leap, what would the author write if the hedgehog met a snail and a raven?
  • We can discuss the question at the end of the story with our child: What does s/he gain and what does s/he lose if they share the apple with their friends, and if s/he does not share it? We try to listen to our child well, and understand how difficult it is for him/her to share what s/he has with others.
  • We can talk about the times we share what we have with others, such as serving food to guests and sharing a game with another child. What do we feel when we do so?
  • The hedgehog plans to divide his apple into two, then three, then four pieces. We can draw our child’s attention to these mathematical concepts while preparing food together, or while using playdough.
  • If we read the story several times, the repeated sentences provide an excellent opportunity to involve the child in the narration.
  • We can also act out the story using toys available at home, or by making toys from sticks.
  • This is an occasion to invite neighbors, friends or relatives to celebrate by sharing a meal together!
  • Enjoy your reading!

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