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Hiding Heidi

By: Fiona Woodcock / Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Distribution: June, 2019

Heidi is the best at hiding: in school, at the playground, or in the park. Heidi’s friends know how much she loves hiding, so they always let her play and win. But Heidi learns the importance of sharing the limelight with other people when being too good at hiding makes her miss all the other fun her friends are having—and how much more fun it can be when you appreciate what your friends are good at too.

Family Activities

Children all over the world, like Heidi, love to hide in confined spaces so we would search for and find them, and they very much enjoy playing hide-and-seek. Like Heidi, three and four-year old children still struggle to decide whether to follow their desire to play only their favorite game with ...


Dear Parents,

A child’s ability to share with others and consider others’ needs progresses with their emotional and social growth and development. However, their experience of real-life situations and incidents that require them to share with others might enhance this ability, whether at home, in kindergarten, or in the vicinity of an extended family or with friends.

Family Activities

  • We can stop at the title of the book and talk about the name of the game in our local dialect (there may be other names for the game in other areas: cat-and mouse, for example). How do we play it? Do we know other games where players have to hide?
  • Heidi is hiding in her special and unique way. We can talk about the difference between the way Heidi hides, and the way our child knows how to hide.
  • We can look at the drawings together and try to find Heidi in every drawing. How did she hide in each?
  • Heidi forces her friends to play hide and seek, and she always wins. How could her friends feel?
  • We can talk with our child about a game that they like to play with their friends in kindergarten and which they excel at. Which games do their friends excel at?
  • What happens in our family? It would be fun to spend the day off playing games that family members love.
  • This book is distinctive in terms of its artistic features, as each drawing uses several drawing techniques, including printing. This is an occasion for our child to test hand-printing with different tools. All we need is: A piece of cardboard A plastic plate Thick colored paint (like finger paint) Printing tools, such as: a piece of corn or potato, a sponge cut into different shapes, and ready-made printing tools.
  • Have fun and enjoy your reading!

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