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Crunch the Shy Dinosaur

Text: Cirocco Dunlap / Illustrations: Greg Pizzoli

Dino (Crunch in the original English version) is a lovely and quiet brontosaurus who has hidden himself in the shrubs because he is so shy. He would like to play, but it requires gentle coaxing. Those who are are patient and encouraging will gain a new friend. This picture book is a warm, funny example of how to engage with someone new, who is perhaps a bit different. Lessons in friend-making (such as minding personal space and demonstrating interest in another’s hobbies) are delivered so subtly children absorb them unconsciously as they delight in Crunch’s silly hat and dance moves. Translated from English

Family Activities

Crunch (Dino in the Arabic version) is a shy dinosaur that needs our help - as readers - to get out of his shell and communicate with us. Crunch is similar to many of our shy children who need us to interact with them with a high degree of sensitivity and understanding so they can get out of their ...


Dear Parents,

Often times, parents and children get confused about how to deal with a shy child. In this interactive book, the hidden narrator invites us to experiment with different ways of communicating with Crunch, such as singing with him, introducing ourselves, and greeting him, emphasizing that every shy child is comfortable with a different activity.

It is likely that children between the ages of three to four still lack a deeper awareness of the needs of others, including the needs of the timid child for his own communication style. This book helps them gain the skills to approach shy children in kindergarten or at home, and build a friendship with them.


Family Activities

  • We can read the title of the book together, and talk about the meaning of the word “shy.” What clues do we have of Crunch’s shyness on the cover?
  • The book allows us to sing with our child and address Crunch in different tones of voice. It also helps our child fall asleep quietly after finishing and closing the book.
  • How else can we help Crunch to feel more comfortable and communicate with us?
  • Many of us - old and young - are naturally shy people, and in some social situations we feel a desire to “disappear.” We can design a “disappearing cap” with our child and take turns wearing it. We can then talk about situations in which we feel shy. What can help us deal with our shyness in these situations?
  • How do we build a friendship with a shy child in kindergarten? We can encourage our c- We might like to paint on stones, as Crunch did. Together, we can search for the right stones and the right colors.hild to think about practical ways to do so.
  • Enjoy your reading!

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