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Beauty of the World

text and illustrations: Paul Kor | translation: Fadel Ali

Much-loved children’s author Paul Kor describes creation with a paintbrush. From the black chaos to blue skies and water, land, the moon, plants, fish, and colorful animals. Readers are invited to delve into the book, and take part in the creation of a beautiful world.

Family Activities

This book celebrates the beautiful world in which we live, and calls the child’s attention to the importance of preserving it by involving him/her in its formation. The book also opens room for reflection on the role of a child - and the role of each of us - in making this world safer, more ...


Dear Parents,

The child can paint the world as he sees it with his color-dipped brush. From the black opaque paper, the child can draw a blue sky, a luminous moon, colorful birds, seas swarming with creatures, and a land full of trees and plants. Finally, the child can look in the mirror and draw the final creature: a human being.

Ideas for Family Activities

Family Activities

  • It is nice to involve our child in the reading process. For example, s/he can read some words out loud (blue, water, land...). The rhyming in the text helps us with various language games, such as sentence completion: How sweet is the scent of flowers in May/the garden smells great all ----. We can choose simple words from the text, such as large, drawings, etc. and think of words that have the same sounds (rhyme).
  • We can supply ourselves with papers and colored pencils, and go out together to the garden of the house or the street in the neighborhood for a “Color Hunt.” We ask our child to draw lines in different shapes with colors that match the colors he sees in the world around him. Surely, s/he will have a nice painting to hang in his/her room.
  • Together, we can make a “family drawing.” The child can draw a line on which family members add other lines, forming one large drawing that everyone signs with pride!
  • Kids can enjoy creating a “magical drawing.” We fill a sheet of cardboard with adjoining lines of all colors. We cover the drawing using a black wax or oil-based color. Then, we use a thin wooden stick or the edge of a coin to draw on the black cardboard, so the colors underneath can stand out.
  • We can do good deeds. We think of small actions that can make the world around us a little more beautiful. We might plant some roses in the neighborhood, help an elderly neighbor carry his things, surprise a family member with something he loves, or just smile at those we pass by on the road.
  • The painter painted the waves in green and lilac, the stars in pink, and created strange creatures. It is fun to shape our special strange creature with dough or with colorful playdough, and imagine what it can do!
  • Enjoy your reading!

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