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Bear says thanks

By: Karma Wilson / Publisher: Simon &Schuster

Distribution: January, 2019

Bear is bored and wants to throw a party. When he discovers that he has nothing in his cupboards for a feast, he becomes despondent. But his trusty pals come to the rescue, with offerings for the festivities. Bear is thankful for their generosity but still feels sad that he has nothing to make. Once again, his friends help him understand how much he is loved by telling him that his stories are the most valuable contribution to the party.

Family Activities

Bear is bored and wants to host his friends in his cave, but he does not have food to feed them; Autumn is right around the corner, and the food has decreased. Bear feels sad, but his loyal friends come to him one by one carrying food, and Bear thanks them lovingly, and offers them what he has: ...


Dear Parents,

This is a beautiful story about thankfulness and gratitude towards everyone who supports us and honors us with their generosity. Giving is not only material, but extends to acts of love, concern and support. Bear and his friends tell us that the essence of giving is not in its material value, but in the desire and love of the giver to be hospitable. This is also a story about sharing, friendship, and what they mean in our life and in the life of our child.

Family Activities

  • We can recall what each of Bear’s friends brought. We can think of another friend who might have visited, what would they have brought with them?
  • We can talk with our child about how Bear feels when he tells his friends that his cupboard is empty. Have we experienced a similar situation? How did we feel?
  • Bear’s friends show their affection for him by bringing various foods. We can think together about loved ones, relatives and friends. How do we express our love for them? We can think of things other than material gifts, such as helping them when they need, or inviting them for a walk, or playing around with the children, and so on.
  • Bear says thanks to his friends. We can have a conversation with our child about the importance of thanking those who treat us well. When do we say “thank you” in our daily life?
  • Bear’s friends are happy when they share food and nice stories. We can talk with our child about experiences at home or kindergarten in which others share things, toys or food. How do they feel?
  • Honoring our guest is an important social value in our Arab culture. We can have a conversation with our child about the rituals of honoring guests when they come to our home, or when we visit others in their homes. How does our child wish to honor their guests such as friends and relatives?
  • Reading this story together is an occasion to celebrate the ones we love. We can invite our child to think of one or more people whom they would like to express their love for with a small act, such as a simple activity or a gift made by the child. Maybe it is time to gather our loved ones around a large table - as Bear and his friends did - and say: Thank you!
  • These suggestions were developed by a working group from the Ministry of Education, the Price Fund, and the Grisespoon Foundation.
  • Enjoy your reading!

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