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A Gift for Mother

Text: Lawrence Schimel | Illustrations: Paz Rodero | Translation to Arabic: Fathiya Tabare

Abel and Rita (Marjan and Lulu in the Arabic translation) want to give their mother a gift to express their gratitude and love for Mama and each tries to find the just the right gift. Reading this book together prompts adults and children to discuss the thoughtful ways we can express appreciation to family and friends – at any age.

Family Activities

Abel and Rita (Marjan and Lulu in the Arabic translation) prepare a gift for their mother to express their love. They search the garden, think, and plan until they find the two suitable gifts.


Dear Parents,

This book invites us to have a dialogue with our child about relationships within the family: between parents and children, and between the siblings themselves. It also makes us think about the ways in which we express our love and concern for each other, whether with words or actions, such as giving a gift.

Young children love to give gifts to those they love, so we see them proudly offering us a drawing or a bead necklace that they worked hard to make. Respecting children’s gifts, even if they are very simple, such as Rita’s rose and Abel’s kiss, teach them that the value of the gift doesn’t depend on its price but on the love and effort that we put into making it.


Family Activities

  • Abel announces that he wants to choose a gift for his mother. We can stop reading on this page and ask our child which gift Abel can choose.
  • We may want to play “What’s in the Box” together. One of the players hides items in a box, and the other players try to find out by asking questions, such as: Are they made of wood? Can you eat it? Etc.
  • We can organize toys and other items in our child’s room. Which containers, boxes, or bags should we used for different sizes of toys?
  • We can ask our child to think of someone they love. How can they express how they feel about him/her? Maybe they can make a simple gift, visit them, or help them with something.
  • The conversational text of the story makes it easier to adapt into a play. We can imagine what Rita and Abel do with their mother after she receives their gifts.
  • We can decorate a simple box with stickers or flowers, etc., and think of someone we would like to give the decorated box to.
  • Do we have a number of carton boxes that we can dispense with? Let’s be creative and use them to make innovative items, such as a puppet theater and more!
  • These suggestions were developed by a team working in Al Fanoos Library from the Ministry of Education and the Grinspoon Foundation.
  • Enjoy your reading!

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