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Where did Zaatar Disappear

Author: Kawthar Saeed //Illustrations: Maha Abu Hussein //Publisher: Qadita Books

Dan shares with the young reader her search for her beloved cat Zaatar in the house and the neighborhood. An interactive book about support and the warm relationship between the girl and her cat. The book is the result of workshops with writers and illustrators at Al-Fanoos Library.

Family Activities

Dear Parents, Do you have a pet at home that your child takes care of? Research shows us that the loving relationship between a child and a household pet contributes to strengthening the child's emotional skills, in addition to fostering a sense of responsibility and enhancing their sense of ...


Let's Talk

  • About Pet care at home: Why is it important for the child? Who takes care of it, and how?
  • About The feelings of the child in different situations before and after Zaatar's disappearance. What do her drawings tell us about her feelings?
  • About Asking for help: When and whom do we turn to for help? Let's remember situations where we supported our child.
  • About Friendship: Zaatar is Dan's friend. Who are our friends and what do we like to do with them?


Let’s Enrich our language

  • We can suggest suitable names for a pet we want to raise. Why did we choose these names?
  • We can imitate the sounds of animals we know and learn their names like the meow of the cat and the bark of the dog, among others.

Let's play and have fun

  • We can enjoy playing group games with our child, such as Blind Man's Bluff, and the "Hot and Cold" game.
  • Treasure hunt: We can hide an object in one of the places in the house and give our child clues about the location, for example: there are plates and spoons there. We develop the child's ability to describe by suggesting the use of different words, such as: above, inside, and describing objects and places. We then switch roles.
  • Let's have fun together with role-playing games, such as: I'm the customer and you're the seller, or the father and the child, and others.

Let's Create

  • We can prepare a comfortable and warm place for the household pet or neighborhood cats with our child.
  • We can allocate a place with our child to feed the neighbourhood cats. What food do we provide? Who do we share with from the neighbourhood?


Let's explore

We can search for information about animals we want to learn about, and we can also spend an enjoyable day visiting the zoo.


Enjoy your reading!

Family Activities

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