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Two Friends

text: kawthar saed

The two friends are happy to play together until a third person joins them, and their friendship is disrupted, so will they restore it? This is a book about children’s experiences in kindergarten, which allows a dialogue with them about the legitimacy and importance of sharing friendships and expanding their circle.

Family Activities

This story provides an opportunity for us as parents to chat with our child and support them in building, developing, and maintaining friendships


Dear Parents,

This story provides an opportunity for us as parents to chat with our child and support them in building, developing, and maintaining friendships. The early years are important in supporting our children to develop and maintain their social relationships; As their ability to build friendships grows with the development of their mental, emotional, and social capacity and with the help and support of the adults in their lives.

The acquisition of social skills has a significant impact on the child’s life in the future; Through their social interactions, children acquire the ability to participate, dialogue and adhere to their principles on the one hand, and on the other hand, they also develop social flexibility as their ability to see different points of view develops as well.

Enjoy your reading and discussion...

Family Activities

  • Let’s have a conversation
  • About the title of the book: We can talk about the meaning of the word “friend.” We can ask our child: What are the characteristics that distinguish a friend? We can even talk to them about their own friends.
  • About feelings: We can follow the drawings and talk with our child about the feelings of Sowar and Jonuh when they spend time together, about the feelings of Jonuh when Sowar took care of Barrio, and about how he feels at the end of the story. We can ask our child how they feel when they are with his friend, and how they feel when their friend plays with other children.
  • About abilities: Jonuh has a unique ability to catch fish. We can ask our children about the things that distinguish them and that they excel at, and we can talk about them together and highlight them.
  • About friendship: We can talk with our children about the things we like to do with our friends. We can recall situations in which we helped our friends, or they helped us. How did we feel at the time?
  • Let’s act
  • We can choose situations that our child encounters with their friends. We can then take on roles and act them out. We can support our child in how to act in this situation: what do we say and what do we do? For example: My friend didn't want to play with me, and he preferred to play with another friend. What can we do?
  • Let’s explore
  • The heroes of our story are dinosaurs. What do our children know about them? We can ask them: Are they mythical creatures or real creatures? We can search with them for information about dinosaurs, their types, and characteristics.
  • Let’s play
  • The dinosaurs played many games, such as the ‘shapes game’ and dominoes. We can play games like hide and seek, dominoes, and other games from our childhood with our children.
  • Let’s enrich our language
  • The language of the book has its own music; It rhymes. We can search with our children for the rhyming words, and we can read them with our children so that they complete the rhyming sentences.
  • We can enrich our child’s dictionary and explain to them the new words: running; whispering; to pounce. We can also act them out and facilitate their use in our daily lives.

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