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The Sea Saw

text and Illustrations : Tom Percival | translation: Jawdat Eid

When Sofia loses her beloved teddy after a day at the beach, she is heartbroken. But the sea saw it all, and maybe, just maybe, it can bring Sofia and her teddy back together. This multi-layered book on the despair of losing an irreplaceable item reminds us also that what we keep in our heart is never truly lost

Family Activities

Sophia loses her beloved teddy on the beach, and the sea rushes to help her. Over the decades, its waves carry teddy from seas to rivers, until it reaches a small stream near Sophia’s house, and is picked up by a little girl who turns out to be Sophia’s granddaughter. What is interesting about ...


Dear Parents,

Many children go through the experience of loss in all its forms and severities, ranging from losing a game they love, to losing a loved one, or losing a home that used to shelter them. Although most of the losses in our lives do not end happily as in this story, the writer’s message is clear: the important thing is not to despair, and to cling to hope. Sometimes beautiful memories are all we have, so we should keep them, and turn them into a positive energy that charges us, because “nothing is really lost if we keep it in our hearts”


Family Activities

  • We can chat with our child about an item they have been keeping for years. How did they get it? What is special about it? We can also talk about a cherished item that was lost. What do they remember about it?
  • We may want to talk to our child about an object that has been passed down from generation to another, such as a dress, a piece of jewelry, or a tool at home. What does it mean to us?
  • This is an opportunity to talk to our child about an experience of loss that they went through. How does he/she feel? And what can help them overcome feelings of longing and sorrow?
  • Sophia had wonderful times with her friend, teddy. We can talk about our friends, and what we would like to do with them.
  • We can encourage our child to imagine what teddy went through on his long journey. They may want to tell us. We can help them write as they draw teddy’s trip along the seas and rivers. This activity prepares the child for writing a diary at a later stage.
  • We can visit the beach with our family. We can search together for objects we find, and imagine their owners. Our child may want to write a letter that s/he puts in a bottle and throws into the sea. Who knows? Someone might find it one day.
  • Enjoy your reading!

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