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The Market of Words

By: Safa Amir / Unpublished text

Distribution: May, 2019

Salam visits the market of words. From each shop she gets three words like: love, kindness, anger. Then she gives her collection to the words tailor who makes her a dress. What does her dress look like?

Family Activities

Visiting the market is an exciting physical and social experience for most young children. Why should we visit an imaginary market such as the Words Market, which Salam visits?


Dear Parents,

Salam chooses words that have different connotations in her young imagination. Joy is associated with a holiday, fantasy is associated with stories of fairies and princesses, and dreams are associated with flying. When we develop the linguistic imagination of our child to use words and build sentences expressing their feelings, thoughts, and imaginations, we also improve their creative linguistic thinking.

Family Activities

  • We can suggest to our child to accompany Salam on her visit to the Words Market. What words would they buy from the joy store, from the fantasy store, and from the dream store?
  • We can chat with our child about their own store in the Words Market. Which words would they offer to Salam? Perhaps our child would like to draw the store, and write some of the words that they sell.
  • It is interesting to play with our child the “word connotation” game. We can say simple words to them, such as: bike, vacation, ice cream, etc., and ask them to say what they think about when they hear the word. This game explains to the child that words have meanings related to our life experience, and that is why they differ from one person to another.
  • “Each of us has a story/it begins with once upon a time.” We can encourage our child to create their story, in which they or others may be the protagonist. It would be great if we helped our child write the story in a small notebook for them to draw and share with family and friends.
  • Visiting a popular market in our town can be an exciting physical and social experience for all children. The market is full of the sight, smells, and tastes of various goods, and in it, the child experiences the processes of negotiation, buying, selling and advertising. What does our child like in the market, and how do we prepare to visit it?
  • These suggestions were developed by a team working in the Lantern Library from the Ministry of Education and the Grinspoon Foundation.
  • Enjoy your reading!

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