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The Hole

Author and illustrator: Emma Adbåge

The children want to play in the big hole next to their school, but the adults are worried and resentful. The book explores the magic in the hole through children’s creative play, conveying the message of how important playing outside is for children’s healthy development is, allowing them to explore, build and work as a team. Translated from Swedish

Family Activities

Despite the frustration and warnings of the adults, the children in the story want to keep playing in the hole. The question is: What is the magic of the hole? If we think back on memories from our childhood, we can remember our happiness when we played in nature, whether in the garden of the ...


Dear Parents,

Children instinctively communicate with nature because it provides us with a range of materials and many ways of playing with them. It gives us a world full of surprising discoveries, and varied sensory experiences that children go through either alone or with others. Unfortunately, however, this world has become almost absent in the lives of children of this age. The neighborhood games were replaced by video games that sever the child’s relationship with nature and lock them inside the walls of their own houses.

This book urges us to reclaim what we and our children have lost: to play together in nature and to embrace the open air!


Family Activities

  • We can chat with our child about the reasons why the kids in the story love to play in the hole. If your child was one of them, what would he like to play in the hole?
  • We can talk about the reasons why adults have reservations about children playing in the hole. If we were in the hole instead of those children, how would we protect ourselves from the dangers of playing in a place like this?
  • With our child, we can recall the games that they used to play outside with their friends. We can also share some of the games we played in our childhood. It will be fun to try some of these games together.
  • We can compare between playing in the hole and playing on the hill. What do they have in common and how are they different?
  • We can talk about situations in which we “purse our lips” and turn away from our child like Miss Erkson did, and other situations in which our child does the same to us. How do we feel at that moment?
  • This is an occasion to go out on a family picnic in nature, and to explore what we can do together. Our child may want to photograph what attracts their attention and share the pictures with their classmates.
  • Enjoy your reading!

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