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Rima’s walk

Author and illustrator: Anat Hoffer

In a warm spring day, Rima (Ayelet in the original Hebrew version) goes out on a walk. She meets a hiding ladybug, a sick snail, a tired giraffe and others, and carries them home where her mother offers them juice and cake. A delightful rhymed text that invites children to celebrate the beauty of nature. Throughout Rima’s thoughtful caring of her friends, the child learns to appreciate and care for nature’s other inhabitants. Translated from Hebrew.

Family Activities

Rima goes out for a hike in spring, and she encounters insects and animals that need help. Carefully and kindly, Rima carries her friends, happy and tired, to her home, and her mother welcomes and honors them.


Dear Parents,

This humorous and imaginative book celebrates our beautiful relationship with nature and its creatures, using delightful language based on short, rhyming sentences. Exposing the child to this writing style enriches their understanding of rhyme, and contributes to the development of their taste for poetry and their writing skills.

Family Activities

  • When reading for the first time, we can pause on the pages where a part of the insect’s body or a hidden animal appear. We can encourage our child to guess who the animal is. What helps us guess?
  • Did we ever help a sick animal? Let’s recall this experience together.
  • The story’s language depends on rhyme. We can play the “Rhyming Pairs” game. We say a word, and our child must find another word that rhymes with it, such as: Run/ Sun, or a rhyming adjective, such as: Fun Run/One Sun.
  • We can talk about the value of hospitality. How do we welcome guests in our family?
  • Together, we can look at the last drawing in the book. What does each friend of Rima do in the living room?
  • Which flowers and plants do we recognize in the drawings? Which do we see around us in springtime? We can try to name the kinds of trees we see (such as cypress, palm trees, etc.). We can also name other kinds of trees which grow in the wilderness of our country, such as oaks and willows.
  • It is fun to go out on a walk in nature during spring, and to look together at the plants and living creatures that surround us. Our child can photograph things that catch their eyes, and then we can collect these pictures in a simple paper or electronic album entitled “(the child's name)’s Trip”. Our child will definitely be happy to share it with their friends and family.
  • Enjoy your reading and have a fun trip!

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