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Never Tickle a Tiger

text: Pamela Butchart | illustration: Marc Boutavant | translation: Elias Matar

Izzy (Marah in the Arabic version) is always shuffling, jiggling, squirming and twitching. She just can’t keep still! So when her school go on a trip to the zoo, her teacher warns her to behave. She must never wriggle, she must never fidget and she must certainly NEVER TICKLE A TIGER! But does Izzy listen? She does NOT – and what happens next throws the zoo into complete chaos.

Family Activities

Marah is a restless girl who cannot postpone her desires. Her curiosity pushes her to explore new things without paying attention to the adults' instructions or behavior rules in certain places, such as the zoo.


Dear parents,

 Perhaps our child is just like Marah, curious and creative, but finds it challenging to adhere to the boundaries we set for him to keep him safe. If we increase the limits, his difficulty may increase as well. Balancing between what is allowed and what is prohibited may make it easier for him to follow the rules. Also, we may need to repeat this conversation every time we go out with him.

We must realize that a child who finds boundaries difficult, just like Marah, does not behave the way he behaves to annoy us or others. He struggles with boundaries, so we must understand and support him by suggesting different ways to help him to control his behavior.

Family Activities

  • Reading the story dramatically with our child is fun. The text is full of sounds and movements!
  • We imagine together what will happen if Marah pokes the polar bears in the end!
  • We think about a place that we plan to visit with our child soon. Perhaps a public place or the house of a friend. We talk about what we expect to find there and about things that are important to avoid. We also talk about things we can do to ensure we and others are comfortable and what we can do to keep the place safe.
  • We learn about the animals mentioned in the story. We may also want to have a family trip to the zoo!
  • Marah jumps, spins, crawls, and mumbles. We can imitate her to learn many verbs.
  • Enjoy your reading!

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