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My Grandpa

By: Marta Altes / Publisher: Abrams Books for young readers, NY

Distribution: January, 2019

In a spare, simple first-person account, a young bear introduces “My Grandpa” and shares their special relationship. Grandpa is becoming forgetful and confused, but the little bear still loves him. They walk and hug and play and pretend, and even when the older bear seems to lose touch, they remain connected. This is as much a story of a happy relationship as it is a story about the circumstances that threaten it. The warm imagery and gentle telling have appeal well beyond the utility of the subject matter and make this an interesting choice for a story time read-aloud.

Family Activities

The grandfather gets old, his memory weakens, and he becomes forgetful. But the presence of his little grandson gives him joy, and allows him to see the world through another lens: the grandson’s perspective.


Dear Parents,

This gentle book, with its text and graphics, celebrates the richness of what grandparents bring to the lives of their grandchildren, and the love and care that the grandchildren give back to them. It is a beautiful reciprocal relationship, “on some days he will see through my eyes, and on other days, I will see through his...”

Grandparents have an important role in the lives of our children, and this book is an opportunity for us and our child to reflect together on this special relationship, and to celebrate the presence of grandmothers and grandfathers in our child’s life.

Family Activities

  • With our child, we can track the feelings of the grandfather in the book. Which things bring him joy, and which cause him sadness or confusion?
  • We can invite our child to think about his/her grandparents. Do they look like the grandfather in the book? What else distinguishes him/her?
  • With our child, we can recall what they love about their grandfather or grandmother, and what sometimes bother them. We can talk about the things our child would like to do with their grandmother/grandfather.
  • The grandfather in this book is gradually losing his memory. Some grandparents may suffer from other health problems, such as heavy hearing, poor eyesight, or limited mobility. We can chat with our child about what they can do to help their grandmother/grandfather.
  • The house of grandfather and grandmother has its smells, tastes, and distinct sights that inhabit the memory of children when they grow up. We can chat with our child about what they love in their grandparents’ house. Is there a corner in the house that they favor? What do they like to do there?
  • In the book, the grandson expresses his love for his grandfather in different ways, as he plays with him, hugs him, and goes for a walk with him. We can encourage our child to think about a way that expresses his love for his grandfather and grandmother: maybe a small gift that they can make, or doing something they love…
  • “My grandfather was young once…” It is nice for our child to browse a photo album with their grandfather, and hear their grandfather’s stories about his childhood. We can also make a photo album that brings our child together with his grandfather/grandmother. There is no doubt that our child will keep it close to their heart.
  • These suggestions were developed by a team working in the Lantern Library from the Ministry of Education, the Price Fund, and the Grinspoon Foundation.
  • Enjoy your reading!

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