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text: Fatima Hijazi | illustration: Charlotte Shama

Mamba can’t howl like other wolves, so she travels to her grandma to learn. Her train journey takes her through colorful scenes that symbolize the four seasons. She watches different animals use their voices to ask the train driver to stop. Motivated by them, she tries to howl and succeeds.

Family Activities

Mamba’s story takes us back to the concept of learning: What motivates us to learn – as youngsters or adults? Is it the need to manage our affairs in this world? How do young children learn? Mamba resembles some of our children who face developmental challenges - physical or emotional - and ...


Dear Parents,

Mamba cannot howl like the rest of the wolves in the herd, so she decides to travel by train to her expert grandmother to learn how to howl. On the way, Mamba observes the behaviors of different animals, using their voices to alert the driver. When preparing to get off the train, she decides to imitate them and discovers that she can howl.

Some suggestions for family activities on the book...

Family Activities

  • We can recall the experience of learning a new skill with our child, such as riding a bike, or crossing the street. What prompted him to learn this skill? Who helped him? How did he learn it? It is also nice to share with our child our experiences in learning skills such as using a computer or a mobile phone, etc.
  • We can talk with our child about the things that he can do (such as assembling a certain number of puzzle pieces, preparing simple food, etc.), and about the things that he wants to do and is not yet able to. We point out that many skills develop during the course of our growth, as well as with practice.
  • Mamba passes through countries of different colors, and we get to see the changing seasons of the year. What would an orange or lilac country look like? Our child may want to draw it.
  • The wolf howls, what do the cat, bird, dog, and other animals do? This is an occasion for our child to learn the sounds of familiar animals by playing a picture card game for example, or using animal dolls available at home.
  • Mamba goes to her grandmother, who will teach her to howl. What did our child learn from his grandmother or grandfather? What does he like to learn?
  • Do wolves really howl only when the moon is a full moon, as we see in the last illustration? Let’s search with our child for more facts about these exciting animals.
  • Enjoy your reading!

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