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The Wolf Will Not Come

text: Miryam Ouyessad | illustration: Ronan Badel | translation: Kifah abdul halim

This story disarms childhood bedtime anxieties in an unexpected way. A small rabbit getting ready for bed questions his mother on how she can be so sure that the wolf will not come to their house. Meanwhile, on the opposite page, we follow the progress of the wolf indeed creeping closer and closer to them, foiling the mother’s reassurances one by one. In a delightful twist, the rabbit’s fears are defused with a surprising ending that puts nighttime anxieties in light-hearted perspective. French original: Le loup ne viendra pas

Family Activities

"Why are you so sure?" the little rabbit asks his mother every time she tries to convince her child that the wolf will not come. At the same time, the book's illustrations show to the reader how the wolf succeeds in approaching the rabbit's house. We, the readers, are affected by the rabbit's ...


Dear Parents,

Our children may be occupied with obsessions and fears before they sleep. They often need to be reassured using a dialogue like the one held between mother rabbit and her son. However, this story takes us in a sharp paradox one step further. It tells us that sometimes, we assume we know the things that worry our children, like the darkness or animals or certain events, when the things that occupy them at that moment are completely different. How can we know that? By listening to them sympathetically, conversing with them, and connecting to people and events that cause their arousal.


Family Activities

  • We look for little rabbit's displays of anxiety or fear in the illustrations. What do we do when we are afraid? We talk with our children about the things that may worry them and think together about ways of relief.
  • The wolf overcame many obstacles to reach the house of his friend, the rabbit. We try to remember a similar experience with our children, in which they had to overcome hardships to reach a goal.
  • Despite the rabbits' fear of the wolf, little rabbit and the wolf are friends. Do we know friends who are different?
  • The wolf is an unexpected guest at the rabbit's birthday party. Who may be an unexpected guest at our birthday party?
  • This book is distinguished by the relation between the text and the illustrations that reflect what the child imagines in contrary to what the mother says. We can imagine additional obstacles that the wolf may encounter and overcome.

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