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Filo and Super Phil

text and illustration: David McKee | translation: Nardeen Dow

One morning, Elmer hears an “Oh no!” Looking around, he spots Super El, who’s in need of Elmer’s help. He must get to Aunt Zelda without any of the other animals seeing him and, as usual, it’s up to Elmer to come up with a cunning plan!

Family Activities

What do we do when our friend is in trouble? We help him, of course. Filo helps his friend Phil when he rips his beautiful clothes and takes him to Aunt's house to sew the ripped outfit. However, the road to Aunt's house passes by several animals, and little Phil does not want the other animals to ...


Dear Parents,

A story about a beautiful friendship is in your hands. This story is also about helping friends in need and about creativity and finding solutions to get out of minor troubles. Creativity is an important mental and emotional ability that provides the child with thinking flexibility to find a solution for every problem. The ability to think about a solution is the basis for dealing with problems. It is also a basic life skill that every child needs in his daily life.

Did you notice Philo's varied colors in contrast to the grayness of other elephants? Although he is different, Philo is loved and accepted, and this is another important message about accepting the different.

Family Activities

  • Super Phil can fly in the sky, Aunt Zelda is a brilliant seamstress, and Filo is brilliant in devising tricks. We talk about the things that our child does brilliantly and that make him "super".
  • We imagine that the two elephants come across a herd of giraffes, or a group of bears, or frogs in the puddle. Which tricks may Filo devise to bypass the animals?
  • We think about why illustrator drew Filo and Aunt Zelda in different colors while he drew the other elephants in gray.
  • Filo helps his little friend. Did we ever help our friend? How?
  • A family workshop to design fashion that makes us with superpowers! We need old clothes, fabric dyes, and some small pieces for decoration like buttons, feathers, shiny fabrics, etc.
  • Enjoy your reading and super activity!

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