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Caspion, Beware!

Author and Illustrator: Paul Kor

Caspion or Silverray is in danger of being swallowed by a big shark. Her friend the whale manages to drive away the shark using his “muscles”. This is a book about friendship between amid differences and helping our friends when they are in need. It opens discussions with children on how we protect ourselves when exposed to danger. Translated from Hebrew.

Family Activities

Do you remember Caspion - the little fish - that came to the aid of the small lost whale, and brought it back to its parents? This was in our first book in this series (Caspion - The Little Fish), which we distributed in Al Fanoos Library years ago.


Dear Parents,

Here, she is returning, but this time she is in danger of being hunted by a predator, so her friend the whale races to her rescue, using his “muscles” to frighten the aggressive shark. Caspion survives and, as parents, we are left with several questions: How do we raise our child to be curious and love to explore like Caspion, and at the same time, to be cautious, and to have the skills to protect themselves from various dangers?

Family Activities

  • At the beginning of the story, the other fish greet Caspion with nice words (hello, good morning, how are you?) We can chat with our child about phrases that we use to greet others.
  • The fish express how proud they are of Caspion with phrases such as: you are amazing, one of a kind, etc. Which phrases would our children prefer us to use to encourage them? We might want to write them down on small pieces of paper, and put them among their things: in their bag, or in their closet, or stick them on the mirror in their room.
  • Caspion is attacked by the shark, so she runs away, screaming for help. What would we do if we were in danger?
  • The whale rescues his friend by using his physical strength. We can talk with our child about situations in which they rescued a friend or relative using their physical strength, their intelligence, or other skills.
  • There is a special friendship between Caspion and the big whale, despite the difference in their size. We can talk with our child about friendships that they or we have with people who are different from us. What do we like about their friendship?
  • We can explore marine life in the story. Which other creatures does our child know? They may want to draw them.
  • We can go on a visit to an aquarium or an ocean/maritime museum. This could be an exciting activity for all family members. Buckle up and let’s go!
  • These suggestions were developed by a working team from the Ministry of Education and the Grinspoon Foundation.
  • Enjoy your reading!

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