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Book of Questions

Author: Misha Archer//Illustrations: Misha Archer//Publisher: Dar Laila

Is the sun the universe’s lantern? Are the branches the arms of the trees? These poetic and imaginative questions are posed by two curious children during their journey through nature. The book invites young readers to contemplate the beauty of the world and engage their poetic imagination.

Family Activities

How does our child learn about the world and about themselves? How do we foster curiosity within them to explore the universe and nature? This book takes us on a creative reflective journey through poetic and imaginative questions posed by two curious children.


Dear parents,

Nature may be the first and most crucial opportunity for our children to marvel at the universe, understand its reciprocal and fluid relationships. As parents, we play a significant role in enhancing our children’s connection with the world and nature by providing them with opportunities for exploration, contemplation, observation, learning, sensory development, and the development of questioning, searching for answers, unleashing imagination, and improving creative thinking.


Let’s Talk

  • About the title: we can ask our child what is meant by “Book of Questions.”
  • About Nature: The children explore nature in their immediate surroundings, engaging in a conversation about their favorite places in nature and the similarities and differences between the nature they see and the one presented in the book. We can ask them: How do you feel when we go on a hike in nature?


Let’s Create

  • “My Little Treasures” - each time our family goes on a hike in nature, we can gather things that pique our children’s curiosity and amazement, and we can talk about them together.
  • The book’s illustrations capture scenes up close and from a distance, using collage techniques. With our child, we can color and cut colored paper in various shapes, forming a collage of the surrounding nature by pasting the paper cutouts onto a cardboard sheet.


Let’s Play and Have Fun

  • We can listen to the sounds of nature, discovering them, and engaging in a relaxation and meditation activity afterward.


Let’s Explore

  • We can ask questions about natural phenomena, searching for answers with our child: Why doesn’t the moon fall? How are stars formed? Why do tree leaves fall?


Let’s Enrich our Language

  • The book is rich in thought-provoking questions, full of imagination, similes, and metaphors. For example: "Is the soil the skin of the world?" We can talk with our child about the similarities and differences between soil and skin, and why the children used this metaphor. We can ask our children to count the similarities and differences in each question.
  • We can also create questions in the style of the children’s questions: Are leaves the hair of trees...? Are stones...?


Enjoy your Reading!

Family Activities

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